Essentials: 07/07/21 A trio of trios!

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld on Editor’s picks for this week: Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton Trio While the recording is titled Live In Bern (2015), it is far from a ‘concert recording’ – it was recorded in a club , minus an audience.  And Scott (tenor sax) and Jeff (drummer) are not brothers.  One … Continue reading Essentials: 07/07/21 A trio of trios!

Spotlight: Branford Marsalis

Photo by Pixabay on A smoke-filled room; laughter, conversation; and most importantly, music.  That’s the feel that I get when listening to Branford Marsalis wailing on the sax.  He is the son of Ellis Marsalis Jr., jazz pianist (November 14, 1934 – April 1, 2020) , and has five (5) brothers .  Aside from Branford … Continue reading Spotlight: Branford Marsalis

Three Jazz(y) Ladies

Photo by Gezer Amorim on Three beautiful women and three marvelous voices: Vanessa Williams, Brenda Russell, and Randy Crawford. Vanessa has always been better known as an R&B artist (as well as an actress and Miss America Pageant winner). Her most acclaimed recording was The Comfort Zone (1981).  That said, I took a liking … Continue reading Three Jazz(y) Ladies

Essentials 06/30/21: Coffee (Deluxe) by Artaska

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Take it from me, when Artaska gave us a cup of Coffee (2018), it instantly qualified as an essential offering of our time. Her classical training often takes the spotlight, but her jazz compositions never fail to step to the forefront. And, she's not 'just another pretty tune', which … Continue reading Essentials 06/30/21: Coffee (Deluxe) by Artaska

Spotlight 06/29/21: Weather Report

Photo by Pixabay on Weather Report was a jazz fusion band (from 1970 to 1986) founded by keyboardist Joe Zawinul, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and bassist Miroslav Vitous.  During their tenure in the jazz world, members came and went, with Zawinul and Shorter always there. They usually maintained a quartet which was rounded out with … Continue reading Spotlight 06/29/21: Weather Report

Spotlight 06/22/21: Rick Braun

Photo by Lucas Craig on I'm from Philadelphia, PA, and just North of here is a place called Allentown, about an hour's drive. There, Rick Braun was born in 1955. He started out playing drums, but switched to the trumpet, following his brother's lead. He also excelled at the flugelhorn and keyboards. He has … Continue reading Spotlight 06/22/21: Rick Braun