Spotlight: Dave Koz

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California-born and bred, Dave Koz, thus far, has had a very illustrious career. He has racked up nine (9) Grammy nominations, twelve (12) number-one albums, and has performed for multiple U.S. presidents, just to name a few of the feathers in his cap. And, yes – he even has a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame! He graduated from UCLA, in 1986. Shortly thereafter, he decided to make an attempt at a career in a professional capacity – sealing the deal after being recruited as a member of Bobby Caldwell‘s tour band. Did you know that he plays soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones? Well, fine, but did you know that he also plays piano and keyboard? You did not!

He gave us his eponymous first album in 1990, which included “Emily”, and “Endless Summer Nights”. Lucky Man (1993) presented “Faces Of The Heart”, “Saxman”, “After Dark”, and of course “Lucky Man”. “At The Movies (2007) was one of my personal favorites, though it’s extremely hard for me to pick just one. The albums and hits just kept coming, and “his fame grew and grew throughout the land”. Sounds very much like a fairy tale, eh? If it is, it’s certainly one that came true. Time to hit “play”, because, I’m out. Check out this playlist of some of my most revered Dave Koz songs.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Well, mostly, anyway.

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