The Weekend Mix: Easy Does It (05.27.23)

Photo by DS stories on Saturday has come, again. Let's just sit back and "Take it Easy". Take a deep breath and say "Easy Does It". Let it out and say "Chill". Long playlist for you that REALLY eases into the day and the weekend. No sweat, no fuss, no cares, just "Easy Does … Continue reading The Weekend Mix: Easy Does It (05.27.23)

Meet . . . Fredrik Kronkvist

Photo by Boris Ivas on Fredrik Kronkvist . . . considered one of Sweden's finest jazz musicians, captured my attention with his superb saxophone work. If there were a need to pick a word that describes his style, I'd say that word would surely be "mellow". That resonates very well in my book, as … Continue reading Meet . . . Fredrik Kronkvist

The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23

The weekend started with a rather mellow playlist that worked its way into a frenetic wave of "wake me gently" music. Therefore, why not start the week off with a few mellow tunes that will also put you in a great mood, without that "jolt". On top of that, I've declared this week "Saxophone Week" … Continue reading The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23

Essentials: Infinite Possibilities, by Amel Larrieux

Photo by Steve Johnson on Amel Larrieux won most of our hearts as one half of a duo that went by the name of Groove Theory. That voice was hers and most of the music was that of the other half of the duo, Bryce Wilson. Their eponymous debut album (in 1995) produced several … Continue reading Essentials: Infinite Possibilities, by Amel Larrieux

Essentials: Wildflower, by Keiko Matsui

Photo by Nguyen Trung Hieu on Keiko Matsui was born in 1961 in Tokyo, Japan. Her mother took Keiko to her first music lesson after her fifth birthday. In her early years, she studied piano and focused on classical music. In junior high school, she found herself interested in jazz. When I think of … Continue reading Essentials: Wildflower, by Keiko Matsui

Essentials: Gentle Warrior, by Tim Warfield

Photo by Pixabay on Tim Warfield was born in York, PA, in 1965. At an early age, he started playing saxophone, first with the alto sax, then on to the tenor sax. He has worked with a number of prominent musicians throughout his career, including Jimmy Smith, Christian McBride, Dizzy Gillespie, Donald Byrd, Isaac … Continue reading Essentials: Gentle Warrior, by Tim Warfield