The Weekend Mix: Easy Does It (05.27.23)

Photo by DS stories on Saturday has come, again. Let's just sit back and "Take it Easy". Take a deep breath and say "Easy Does It". Let it out and say "Chill". Long playlist for you that REALLY eases into the day and the weekend. No sweat, no fuss, no cares, just "Easy Does … Continue reading The Weekend Mix: Easy Does It (05.27.23)

The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23

The weekend started with a rather mellow playlist that worked its way into a frenetic wave of "wake me gently" music. Therefore, why not start the week off with a few mellow tunes that will also put you in a great mood, without that "jolt". On top of that, I've declared this week "Saxophone Week" … Continue reading The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23