Meet . . . Fredrik Kronkvist

Photo by Boris Ivas on Fredrik Kronkvist . . . considered one of Sweden's finest jazz musicians, captured my attention with his superb saxophone work. If there were a need to pick a word that describes his style, I'd say that word would surely be "mellow". That resonates very well in my book, as … Continue reading Meet . . . Fredrik Kronkvist

The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23

The weekend started with a rather mellow playlist that worked its way into a frenetic wave of "wake me gently" music. Therefore, why not start the week off with a few mellow tunes that will also put you in a great mood, without that "jolt". On top of that, I've declared this week "Saxophone Week" … Continue reading The Mellow Mix: 05.22.23

Essentials: Ultimate Spa Music, by David Lyndon Huff

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on So, fifty (50) songs, for a total of five (5) hours and twenty (20) minutes!!! That's what you'll find on the album Ultimate Spa Musc (2014), by David Lyndon Huff. If I'm not mistaken, I downloaded the digital version of this awesome gem very soon after it was released. … Continue reading Essentials: Ultimate Spa Music, by David Lyndon Huff