Essentials: Ultimate Spa Music, by David Lyndon Huff

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So, fifty (50) songs, for a total of five (5) hours and twenty (20) minutes!!! That’s what you’ll find on the album Ultimate Spa Musc (2014), by David Lyndon Huff. If I’m not mistaken, I downloaded the digital version of this awesome gem very soon after it was released. Even with such a voluminous collection, I have listened to it far too many times. Ok – “too many times” is basically the epitome of oxymoronic, as there is no such thing when it comes to great music. Perhaps I haven’t listened to all five (5) hours at each sitting, but I have certainly tried. Just gonna go ahead and put it out there – if you like meditational music, you will be hooked. Just make a mental note of where you left off, otherwise, you’ll never make it to the end. So ya know . . . that “play” button isn’t going to press itself!

Sometimes it’s not jazz at all, it’s just jazz(y).

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