Three Jazz(y) Ladies

Photo by Gezer Amorim on Three beautiful women and three marvelous voices: Vanessa Williams, Brenda Russell, and Randy Crawford. Vanessa has always been better known as an R&B artist (as well as an actress and Miss America Pageant winner). Her most acclaimed recording was The Comfort Zone (1981).  That said, I took a liking … Continue reading Three Jazz(y) Ladies

Jazz(y) – Mo’jardo

While not all music is jazz, there are some out there that come relatively close, as in “jazz(y)”.  Mo’jardo is one such group. And, it’s an artist.  And, they are a recording company.  Mo’jardo “enlists” artists from around the world to create unique listening experiences.  One unique listening experience comes in the form of a … Continue reading Jazz(y) – Mo’jardo