The Mellow Mix: 05.15.23

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Weeks go by sometimes as quickly as lightning flashes. One ends and another begins – an apparently endless cycle. All that just to say that it’s Monday . . . again. Relax – I’ve got you covered. Speaking of “endless”, the mix today comes from the seemingly endless supply of Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones material, otherwise known as Blank & Jones – my chillout heroes. I tend to like instrumental music when I want to chill, but there are times when a voice can be as relaxing as an instrument. That said, this mix includes several B&J tunes that include vocals, particularly Mike Francis, who had a voice that was almost angelic. Sadly, he passed away in 2009. If you like that sound, come back here and click on the below links to B&J’s “Relax Edition 3” (2007) to hear more of that voice, an album that has Francis taking the lead throughout the entire session. OK – it’s ready and waiting, so go ahead and hit “play” (I know you want to).

And . . . then there are times when it’s definitely not jazz! But, at least, it’s “jazz(y)”.

copyright 2023 jblackstarr for SMOOTHE.

Listen on Spotify:

Listen to “Relax Edition 3”

Listen on TIDAL:

Listen to “Relax Edition 3”

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