The Weekend Mix: Places

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I can see that look in your eyes! It’s called “wanderlust”. There’s only one true cure for that – get out there and travel. If you can’t do that, we can fake it together. I’ve put together a playlist of songs that have names of places in their titles. Perhaps you’ve been to a few and would like to reminisce. Or you long to go but need to dream on a little while longer. Whatever the case, this playlist is for that wanderlust that’s calling your name. No plane, train, nor bus tickets are needed. No reservations, no suitcases, and no passport required. Bottle of red? Yes, please! Easy chair! Indeed. Hit play, take a sip, close your eyes, then let the music take you to all of the places! Have fun (souvenirs, please, and thanks!). We’re going to start in Seoul, and see where that takes us!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Well, most of the time, anyway.

copyright 2023 jblackstarr for SMOOTHE.

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