Manic Monday Musical Medicine 07/12/21

Photo by Olga Lioncat on Time for your meds!!  Your Manic Monday Musical Medicine has arrived!  Rise and shine, kats and kittens - the day is not going to take care of itself.  Let these magical notes linger in your ears and keep you moving throughout the day. Or, you can call in and … Continue reading Manic Monday Musical Medicine 07/12/21

Fiio M11 Plus LTD

Photo by Nic Wood on Hemmed and hawed with the CAYIN N511S DAP (digital audio player) and suddenly, they were gone.  No longer produced.  No longer available.  But Fiio introduced the M11 PRO, which was not only awesome, but a step or two above the N511S from Cayin.  Hemmed.  Hawed.  Gone.  No more M11 … Continue reading Fiio M11 Plus LTD

Manic Monday Musical Medicine 07/05/21

Photo by Sam Lion on So, you've waited all weekend and, finally, Monday morning has arrived.  Yay!  What?  That wasn’t you that I heard clickin’ and clackin’, at the break of dawn?  Sorry.  Well, perhaps you’re NOT a morning person (but, I can't imagine who isn’t), so here’s your Manic Monday playlist.  There are … Continue reading Manic Monday Musical Medicine 07/05/21

Manic Monday Music Medicine 06/28/21

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on OK, you sleepyheads – up and at ‘em!  Another Monday has descended upon us.  Well, most of us, anyway.  I’ve got some Musical Monday Meds for you to help cure the mania of a new week.  And, if you know like I know, a cup or two of java … Continue reading Manic Monday Music Medicine 06/28/21