Manic Monday Music Medicine 06/28/21

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OK, you sleepyheads – up and at ‘em!  Another Monday has descended upon us.  Well, most of us, anyway.  I’ve got some Musical Monday Meds for you to help cure the mania of a new week.  And, if you know like I know, a cup or two of java will definitely do wonders, as well.

I found this little ditty of a gem a few years back, and the playlist that I made from it has been ever-changing, and ever at the ready to cure all that ails me.  It’s called Chill Sax (2014) by The Chillout Saxophone Players. There are fifty (50) songs on the album, but I chose the ones that I gravitated towards and made one of my absolute favorite playlists.  Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as I do.  I know you didn’t oversleep, and that you’re already at work, so turn that lap/desktop on! Hit play, sip on that piping hot java, and get your day started all proper-like!  You can do it!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.  Well, .  .  .  mostly.


Listen to Sax On Ice on Spotify.


(Don’t have a Spotify account? Click HERE for a free one)

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