Manic Monday Musical Medicine 07/05/21

Photo by Sam Lion on

So, you’ve waited all weekend and, finally, Monday morning has arrived.  Yay!  What?  That wasn’t you that I heard clickin’ and clackin’, at the break of dawn?  Sorry.  Well, perhaps you’re NOT a morning person (but, I can’t imagine who isn’t), so here’s your Manic Monday playlist.  There are a few tunes to get the heart pumping, and a few to soothe your soul.  The rest are filler for you to decide how they should be heard.  Whichever way you tell your ears to listen I guarantee that they will be pleased.  Go ahead – wolf that medicine down.  It’s good for all that ails you! But . . . it’s a holiday – go back to sleep.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.


Listen to Manic Monday Musical Medicine for 7/05/21 on Spotify


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