Spotlight – Paul Hardcastle

Photo by Benjamin Suter on You may not know the name but, chances are, you've heard the sound. All of his songs hold their own individual tune, but they all have a totally and immediately recognizable sound. Don't believe me? Keep reading. It's hard to fathom that Paul Hardcastle only got his start as … Continue reading Spotlight – Paul Hardcastle

Spotlight – Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips

She plays piano, and he plays trumpet.  Together, they make music.  She is Cava Menzies and he is Nick Phillips.  In 2014, they gave us an offering entitled “Moment To Moment”, and they have been going strong ever since.  I don’t know how they managed to find each other and create such a monumental team, … Continue reading Spotlight – Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips