Essentials 06/30/21: Coffee (Deluxe) by Artaska

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Take it from me, when Artaska gave us a cup of Coffee (2018), it instantly qualified as an essential offering of our time. Her classical training often takes the spotlight, but her jazz compositions never fail to step to the forefront. And, she’s not ‘just another pretty tune’, which becomes immediately evident when that voice comes smiling through. The pandemic failed to slow her down, as we see in the EP Spontaneous (2020). I leave both offerings here for your inspection. Try not to get hooked. I dare you!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.. Well, . . . mostly.


Listen to Artaska on Spotify:

Coffee (Deluxe)



(Don’t have a Spotify account? Click HERE for a free one)

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