Spotlight 06/22/21: Rick Braun

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I’m from Philadelphia, PA, and just North of here is a place called Allentown, about an hour’s drive. There, Rick Braun was born in 1955. He started out playing drums, but switched to the trumpet, following his brother’s lead. He also excelled at the flugelhorn and keyboards. He has quite a listing of offerings, all wonderful, but the one that I love the most is Full Stride (1998). The year 2001 brought us Kisses In The Rain, which nearly knocked Full Stride out of the number one spot for me, “nearly” being the operative word. There are a lot of musicians who can produce music year in and year out, and never seem to miss a beat, seemingly accumulating a discography that dares you to “pick just one”. With every new offering that Rick Braun gave us, it just made it more and more difficult to do just that. I’ve been steadfast in my loyalty to Full Stride, however. I think that it will always be my favorite. Give a listen, and you may just understand what I mean.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Well . . . mostly.


Full Stride on Spotify

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