Spotlight 07/02/21: David Arkenstone

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I think that I first stumbled across David Arkenstone while surfing Amazon Music.  I played a few songs and knew right away that his music would be a permanent part of my collection.  I am embarrassed to say that I thought to myself “This guy could be great!”.  Well, he couldn’t ‘be’ great – he was already great!  Aside from discovering his own meditational musical sound, he has done soundtracks for quite a few computer games including World of Warcraft, as well as creating music for television, and has earned four (4) Grammy nominations. The first nomination was for his work on In The Wake Of The Wind (1992), which reached the number 1 spot on the New Age chart on Billboard.  He has produced seventy-six (76) studio albums and has learned to play more than twelve (12) instruments.  Of course, there are many other greats in the New Age music realm, but David Arkenstone certainly ranks way up that list of Who’s Who.

Here is a rather exhaustive playlist of some of my D.A. faves from three (3) recordings: World Café, Ambient Café , and Ambient World, all from 2010.   Relax and enjoy.

Sometimes, it’s not jazz, but it is jazz(y).


Listen to David Arkenstone: Musical Zen on Spotify


(Don’t have a Spotify account? Click HERE for a free one)


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