Spotlight: Tia Fuller

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I love it when I listen to a recording and it sounds like I’m right there in the club, in the mix, up close and personal.  One of many offerings that does that for me is Diamond Cut (2018) by Tia Fuller.  Her father, Fred – jazz bassist.  Her mother, Elthopia – vocalist.  Her sister, Shamie – pianist.  And her brother, Ashton – drummer.  The family hails from Aurora, Colorado, and have played there – together.

In 2006, she toured with Beyoncé, in an all-female band.  In 2012, she toured with Esperanza Spalding.  In 2019, she recorded with Roy Haynes, Jon Batiste, and others for the soundtrack for the Disney movie, SOUL (2020).  She tops it all off with a teaching career at Berklee College of Music.  Her other recordings are Healing Space (2007), Decisive Steps (2010), Angelic Warrior (2012), and a live recording Piece of Mind (2020), with Adonis Rose on drums, Tia Fuller on sax, and Maurice Brown on trumpet.  I think you should give a listen.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.


Listen to Tia Fuller on Spotify:

Diamond Cut

Angelic Warrior

Decisive Steps

Healing Space

Piece of Mind (Live)


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2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Tia Fuller

  1. Wow! I’m surprised that I’ve never seen Tia Fuller before now. I listened to a couple YouTube videos and her sound/technique is sooo smooth and she gets funky with it too. Great post! Thanks for the introduction!!!

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    1. .Quite welcome. She is some kinda hot with that axe and that voice. I stopped for a moment, but I’m about to start up again, soon. I miss blogging. Miss you, too “tee hee”. lol. Here’s a link to the very beginning of SmootheJazz. There’s a lot to take in and a lot more to come:

      Welcome to Smoothe


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