Welcome to Smoothe

This site was created for those who love Smoothe Jazz, as opposed to “Smooth Jazz” (that mixture of jazz and R&B). While I do like R&B, when I want to hear jazz . . . I want to hear JAZZ, and nothing but JAZZ!

Short tale:

As I drove through town from my brother’s house, headed home, I would always pass a store with a very odd name – “Just Roses and More”.  My first thoughts were that if it’s just roses, there can be no “more”.  And, if there’s more, then it can’t be “Just Roses”.  It has given me a chuckle through the years, but, sadly, it has closed its doors.

So,  from time to time, you will see ‘Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz”, followed shortly by “It’s not jazz, but it’s jazz(y)” – and possibly things that are totally not jazz .  .  .  at all.  It’s done intentionally to remind myself to smile, often.

If Smoothe Jazz is what you’re interested in, then make yourself at home. Feel free to comment, and leave recommendations about the jazz you’ve discovered and love. And what’s more – come back often!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.

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