Get Up And Jazz!

I’ve always had a few friends who said the same thing: “If they would speed it up, I might enjoy this thing called jazz.”. Little do they know that jazz isn’t always slow. So, I created this playlist just for them to show them what can happen when you “Jazz”. It’s a beautiful thing. If you don’t get up on your feet, or at least tap your foot to the beat, you should check in with your cardiologist and have them check your pulse. Enjoy!

Here are the songs in the playlist (and if you have TIDAL, you can stream with the link below):


by Jazmin Ghent, ft. Phillippe Saisse & Kim Scott


She Bop

by Cindy Bradley


Hands On

by Bob James


Chocolate Sunshine

by Jazmin Ghent


Oliver’s Twist

by Chris Standring



by Fourplay


Stilletto Heels

by Richard Elliot


High Roller

by David Sanborn


Jokers Wild

by Paul Hardcastle


Reed My Lips

by Warren Hill


Martini Lounge Music

by The Chillout Saxophone Players


Sparkle Lounge

by Public Jazz Lounge


Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

by US3, Rahsaan, & Gerard Presencer


Into The Blue

by Marcus Koch


Romantic Evening Music

by The Chillout Saxophone Players


Santa Fe Trail

by The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman


Stream with TIDAL

Stream with Spotify:

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.

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