Essentials: The Real McCoy, by McCoy Tyner

Photo by Pixabay on If you want to get a feel for what jazz is all about, start with a classic, must-have, essential recording. The right one, even if it's not a "live" recording, will immediately transport you to a smoke-filled, rowdy but respectful jazz club. Essential recordings give you a taste of jazz … Continue reading Essentials: The Real McCoy, by McCoy Tyner

Spotlight – Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips

She plays piano, and he plays trumpet.  Together, they make music.  She is Cava Menzies and he is Nick Phillips.  In 2014, they gave us an offering entitled “Moment To Moment”, and they have been going strong ever since.  I don’t know how they managed to find each other and create such a monumental team, … Continue reading Spotlight – Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips

LIVE!! – The Koln Concert, by Keith Jarrett

    The Koln Concert, by Keith Jarrett, was performed on January 24, 1975, and the album was released later that year. This was a concert which was doomed for failure. Despite the obstacles that stood before Jarrett, including an extremely unfit piano that he was forced to employ, he pulled off one of the … Continue reading LIVE!! – The Koln Concert, by Keith Jarrett

Jazz(y) – Mo’jardo

While not all music is jazz, there are some out there that come relatively close, as in “jazz(y)”.  Mo’jardo is one such group. And, it’s an artist.  And, they are a recording company.  Mo’jardo “enlists” artists from around the world to create unique listening experiences.  One unique listening experience comes in the form of a … Continue reading Jazz(y) – Mo’jardo