Meet . . . Peter Pearson

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Peter Pearson . . . born in London (1947), studied medicine and received his qualifications in 1970, and retired from medicine in 1997. He experimented in music with his brother, as well as with his sister. Retirement allowed him the freedom to follow his love of music and to fully pursue a career in that very same field. His primary focus thus far has been creating instrumental pieces but he has also embraced the accompaniment of the occasional vocalist. I happen to love both his instrumentals and his collaborations with vocalists with equal measure. I have particularly come to gravitate toward the pieces that he has done with Yvonne J. His repertoire includes Chillout, Jazz, Ambient, Lounge, Rock, – even Blues, and Classical. It just so happens that “there’s a playlist for that“, and I put this short one together just for you!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Except when it’s not.

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