Meet . . . Paul Hardcastle

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Paul Hardcastle . . . he’s Kiss The Sky, The Jazzmasters, and, of course, Paul Hardcastle. Those are the most familiar pseudonyms by which he is known. I know him as one of the “Zen masters” (another pseudonym with which I chose to label him from his “Zen Warrior” tune”). He has more than a few monikers, and more than a few genres of music, but more than anything else, you ALWAYS know when he’s involved, as he has a signature sound. His songs are quite distinctive, but you always know. He was born in 1957, in London, and has recorded with two of his children – son, Paul Hardcastle, Jr., and daughter, Maxine Hardcastle. He has so many recordings that I won’t pretend to be able to pick one out for you, so I’ll just give you a playlist of some of his music. Enjoy!.

OK, fine – sometimes it IS just jazz(y)!

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