(Another Trio of) Trios

Photo by Black ice on Pexels.com

Of all of the variations of jazz groups, the trio has always been my favorite. I can be happy with a quartet, and sit through a quintet, but when it reaches the sextet level and beyond, I am totally non-plussed. Not only do these three trios exhibit my favorite jazz group, but they also represent my favorite combination of trio instruments – piano, bass, and drums: The Oscar Peterson Trio (Night Train, expanded edition – 1963), The Brad Mehldau Trio (The Art Of The Trio, Vol 3 – 1998), and my absolute favorite, The Bjorn Svenson Trio ( From Gagarin’s Point Of View – 1999). Admittedly, Night Train is a bit exhaustive, but . . . patience brings joy. While you give a listen, I’ll hope that my faves will rub off on you. Enjoy.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Well, mostly.

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The Oscar Peterson Trio (Night Train)


The Brad Mehldau Trio: (The Art of Trio, Vol. 3)


The Bjorn Svenson Trio (From Gagarin’s Point of View)


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