Chicken Noodle Soup.

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Here’s a playlist that’s good for all that ails you. Whether you’re at the office, off location yet still working, or perhaps just in need of some music to get you over the hump wherever you may be working. That’s right – Chicken Noodle Soup, ergo – good for all that ails you. Rick Braun, Chris Botti, Fourplay, David Lyndon Huff, Cava Menzies, Nick Phillips, Michael Lington, Gato Barbieri, Jessy J, Harry Allen, Brian Culbertson, and Sounscape UK. See? You’re feeling better already! You know what comes next – hit play and relax!

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. And sometimes a little bit of jazz(y) is thrown in.

copyright 2023 jblackstarr for SMOOTHE

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