Essentials: Infinite Possibilities, by Amel Larrieux

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Amel Larrieux won most of our hearts as one half of a duo that went by the name of Groove Theory. That voice was hers and most of the music was that of the other half of the duo, Bryce Wilson. Their eponymous debut album (in 1995) produced several top hits, particularly Tell Me, Keep Tryin’, and Baby Luv. I, for one, was desperately hoping for a follow-up album. It was in the air, but Larrieux left to pursue a solo career. Album two, The Answer (circa 1999), with Makeda Davis doing the lead vocals, never left the recording studio. After that, Groove Theory (the duo) came to a grinding halt and disbanded in 2001. Enter Infinite Possibilities, released on February 15, 2000, which Amel Larrieux co-wrote, and co-produced with her husband, Laru Larrieux. To date, she has recorded five (5) studio albums, the last of which was in 2013. Yeah – it’s been a while, but I am, once again, desperately hoping to hear that voice return to my waiting ears. If ever there truly are essential pieces for one’s collection, Infinite Possibilities should certainly be one of them. The title track and Sweet Misery alone are enough to make one swoon. As an entire album? You’re hopelessly hooked! Check it out and be pleased. Time to hit play instead of sitting there listening to me. Bottle of red – an essential in its own right for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Then, again – perhaps there’s “jazz(y)”.

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