ESSENTIALS: Modern Times by Steps Ahead

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Steps Ahead had clearly evolved into . . . . well, Steps Ahead by 1984 and should have had many more accolades by then. But Modern Times (1984), while not second-rate by any standard, was not as well-received as I thought it should have been. Enter “to each, their own”. The recording was my first real taste (according to my jaded memory) of jazz fusion. It was, in fact, my favorite recording by the group. Its members (at that time) included Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone), Eddie Gomez (bass), Peter Erskine (drums), Warren Bernhardt (Keyboard), and Mike Mainieri (vibraphone). There was also a guest appearance by Chuck Loeb (guitar), as well as Tony Levin (Chapman stick). Have a listen, then move on to their eponymous second recording, and on to all the rest. If you’re a fan of jazz fusion, you should be quite pleased.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz. Well, mostly

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