“Movin’ Me On”

Photo by Isaque Pereira on Pexels.com

I never thought that I’d be telling you that I switched from TIDAL to Spotify.  TIDAL had everything that I needed to stream music, including a stellar customer service.  All of that has changed.  My billing for TIDAL came once a month with a set payment source, all lined up – nothing to do but enjoy the service.  I didn’t have to choose how I would pay each month, didn’t have to enter anything to send the payment – it was all automatic.  That is, until now.

Earlier this week, I received a notice stating that my account has been suspended due to nonpayment.  I checked my account to see what the problem was.  My billing information was there, as usual, but I re-entered it, hit enter, and received the following error message: “Either there are insufficient funds in your account to cover payment, or you have entered incorrect payment information, or your bank is blocking payments to this account”.  It was followed by a message that perhaps I should try PayPal.  Yes – I scratched my head, as neither of those things were true.  However, I tried several other accounts, hit enter, and received the very same error message.  One account, ok.  Two, maybe, . . . but three different payment sources which are not associated with each other in any way and still no joy??!!  I think not.

I went straight to Google Chrome and searched for an answer. To my surprise, it didn’t take long.  There was a news item that a CEO from TWITTER, Jack Dorsey (who also runs SQUARE and CASH APP), had bought the majority shares of TIDAL from Jay-Z.  Shortly thereafter, the owner of a financial payments company takes over TIDAL, and suddenly my four (4) years of payment sources to TIDAL are no longer valid.  Hmmm.  Wonder what went wrong there?

Well, to that, I say, hasta la vista, ciao, farewell, and goodbye to TIDAL!  To that end, I won’t  be giving you music from TIDAL (or more precisely – can’t).  From now on, Spotify it is.  BTW – If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can download the Spotify app for a free account.  It’s limited in its capacity and perks, but, still – all the music you can listen to for free.

Jazz, jazz, and nothing but jazz.  Well, .  .  .  mostly.

A little “parting of the ways” music for your ears.

On Spotify:


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