Three Jazz(y) Ladies

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Three beautiful women and three marvelous voices: Vanessa Williams, Brenda Russell, and Randy Crawford.

Vanessa has always been better known as an R&B artist (as well as an actress and Miss America Pageant winner). Her most acclaimed recording was The Comfort Zone (1981).  That said, I took a liking to The Sweetest Days (1984) from day one, and for me, that’s pure jazz and Vanessa Williams’ best recording EVER.  I’d venture to pick my favorites from that recording, but I’d have to name each and every song.  Start at the beginning, hit play, play til the end.  It’s like a playlist all its own

Brenda travelled back and forth from soul, pop, dance and, of course, jazz.  Her fourth recording, Get Here (1988), produced her biggest hit, Piano In The Dark, and the album went on to become her biggest success. My greatest joy from Brenda Russell comes from Soul Talkin’ (1993), which produced 10,000 Words, Life Is Waiting, and The Universe Is Calling, all of which have been played by yours truly, on repeat, for more occasions than I care to admit.

Randy specialized in R&B and jazz.  Her biggest and best-known song is Street Life (1979), which she sang with The Crusaders on their album of the same name.  However, my absolute favorite Randy Crawford song is Cajun Moon, which comes from the album Naked And True (1995). Sadly, I can’t locate that song, and I can’t locate that album on Spotify.  I am also enamored with Rio De Janeiro Blue (2007), Last Night At Danceland (1980), and Diamante (2001), all springing from three different offerings.

Jazz, R&B, pop, dance? All I can say is that theses three ladies are definitely JAZZ(Y)!


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2 thoughts on “Three Jazz(y) Ladies

  1. I love the music of all three ladies. Brenda Russell and Randy Crawford really stand out for me. Street Life is a song that’s ingraned within my soul and Piano In The Dark gives me chills everytime I here it! Thanks for this spotlight on three special artists.

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